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JEFF AND CARLA PARISI, Jacksonville,Florida

Man, sweet sound, love them all!!!!! keep rocking !!!!!

JoAnn Thompson, Callahan, FL

Hi Randall, Just heard you sing for the very first time. I love all of your music. " I Should Have Listened " is my very favorite. Keep up the good work.

Warren and Daryl Woodcock, Paris, TN

Great songs Randall. Good luck to you.

Hedy and David Swart, Wilmington NC

Your songs are great!! Keep up the good work!

Tommy Lantz, Nashville

Congratulations on hitting 10,000. Hope you get back up to Nashville before too long. My voice should be back strong shortly, I hope. We will hit the studio then. Can't wait.

Melinda Johnson, Glennville, Georgia

Love all of your songs. Keep up the great work. So very proud of you. P.S. Tag...your it.

Tammy Raulerson, Callahan, florida

Hi Randall...Haven't seen you in forever.. The song " The Rock"..beautiful song and I loved the soldier song..

R.E. Lee (GENERAL), Lee Chapel, Lexington City VA

Great song look forward to hearing more...

Tommy Lantz, Nashville

Hey guy. I just listened to your "Southern Soldier" and watched the video. I think I will rate it a 5 star. That was really good. You need to come back up sometime. We can do a live album to put out there. Think about it some and let me know. It should be some pretty good stuff. Catch you later and keep grinning.

alex steverson, nashville ga

love the music

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